CARE Dr. Charlotte Maene and Dr. Stefaan Bafort wish you a warm welcome to their website You can schedule appointments either at the hospital or at the private clinic of Dr. Maene and Dr. Bafort. to women of all ages. We provide
Obstetrics and gynaecology is a highly diverse field.

Drs. Maene and Bafort accompany you with their extensive experience in various subspecialties.


Pregnancy detection and pregnancy monitoring through ultrasound scans…


Prevention is better than treatment. A well-known saying. Annual check-ups…

pelvic floor

Urinary leakage or prolapse of the bladder or uterus is becoming more…

Minimally invasive surgical procedure

This minimally invasive surgical procedure has been refined significantly over the past few years. Since February 2023, we have the latest Da Vinci Xi system at our disposal in AZ Damiaan Oostende, enabling us to provide better patient care. In addition to the benefits for surgeons, there are also clear advantages for patients.

These surgical approaches minimize tissue damage

This allows for a smoother recovery.

Hospital admission

The length of stay after the surgery is much shorter.

Much more precise

The surgeon operates with precision, ease, and comfort.
We accompany the mother, partner, and baby

from the pregnancy period through childbirth and postnatal care

The arrival of a child is a unique experience, also involving a lot of uncertainties. We offer personalized care! During your pregnancy, regular ultrasounds will be performed to monitor the growth of the fetus, its organs, and its position.

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